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Alexandria Limited is a fragrance made foremost with the combination of wood and wild flowers.


Chris Maurice, “The Nose” behind the creation of this scent, intended to launch Alexandria Limited in 2002. His creation of Alexandria I, II and III surpassed all expectations,  so as not to take the limelight away from these perfumes, Alexandria Limited was then not made with the intent of selling it. Alternatively,  a few vials were made and given to some affluent socialites.


Alexandria limited gradually changes its notes 9 times with increased body temperature.

The summer heat enhances the scent, the more body heat exuded the more accented the scent becomes.


It is relatively close to Alexandria III.


The Top notes are :

– Coffee Bean

– Palisander – Rose Wood

– Black Cardamom

– and a hint of Ylang Ylang


The Heart notes are :

– Bulgarian Rose

– Green cardamom

– Cedar wood


The Base notes are:

– The trunk of raw Oud

– Musk

– Vanilla

The olfactory is for both men and women and suited for all perfume users.


No words will ever be enough to justify the magnificence of this fragrance


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